Sunday, April 25, 2010

Crushed Historical Content

I just learned something the other day, and it’s facts are almost a revelation.

Let me just lay it out there…

Israel Finkelstein, chairman of the Archaeology Department at Tel Aviv University, with archaeology historian Neil Asher Silberman, in their book "The Bible Unearthed: Archaeology's New Vision of Ancient Israel and the Origin of Its Sacred Text." After decades of resseach in the Sini Desert, concluded and agree, THE EXIDUS NEVER HAPPENED!!

This guy is no crack pot, he is Chair of a Department of Tel Aviv University. The very Jew’s who this supposedly happened to, now admit it’s a mere fable. Rabbi’s have known this for year, few have admitted it.

The findings are shocking:
 Israelites were never in Egypt
 The Israelites did NOT wander the desert
 The Israelites did NOT conquer the land of Cannon,
 The Kingdom of David and Solomon was a small tribe, not a regional power as described in the bible.
 There was no chase of the Israelites into the Dead Sea by the Egyptians
 Tales of Abraham, Isaac, Joesph were the first to be debunked by biblical scholars due to anachronisms and inconsistencies.

In addition to a total lack of archeological evidence of anyone wondering the desert for 40 years:
 When the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramsese III conquered Canaan between 1280bc and 1260bc, there are no records of ANY Hebrew tribes. And all tribes we meticulously documented by the Egyptians.
 Herodotus (c. 484 BC – c. 425 BC), the “Father of History”, Described all the people and places he encountered during this travels throughout Western Asia… He omits both Jews and Jerusalem.
 The City of Jericho – supposedly raised by the Israelites, did NOT exist at the time, and thus there were no “walls to come tumbling down”.

Those scholars, now admitting the bible is just plain wrong, have detracted the claim of its historical importance.

Simply put, well kept Egyptian records omit the Jews. There is no evidence of encampments to support the existence of these peoples where the bible places them.

The bible is just wrong. It was folk tails told around camp fires of Bronze Age illiterates. At some point, we as race must stand erect and walk away from the belief of mysticism and magic.