Sunday, July 24, 2011

God Continues to kill, Religion is still insanity

The massacre in Norway is the epitome of pure, unadulterated hate, intolerance and ignorance resulting in evil. Anders Behring Breivik, described as a right wing evangelical did what he felt God needed him to do.

This modern day re-enactment of the Crusades proves that Christianity at its core is evil. This heinous act, like 9/11 is clearly a Faith Based initiative. These crazies killed because they believe their faith demands it. There is a clear distinction between killers who happen to be faithful, and killers who kill because of their faith.

Christians like to switch it around using examples like Stalin as the greatest killer of all time being atheist. Joseph Stalin happened to be atheist, like he happed to be right or left handed. He did not execute the great purging because of atheism, or in the name of atheism. He did it for power, self promotion, paranoia and delusion. Atheism in Stalin’s case, is an arbitrary adjective.

One can not say the same for Anders Behring Breivik, those involved in 9/11 or Christians in the US that kill abortion Doctors. Those people choose to commit murder because they believe their faith demands it. They perform these acts for God, in the name of God. These killings are faith based initiatives.

Nobody has ever seen an atheist strap a bomb to themselves and detonate it in a crowd. It doesn’t happen. That dept of insanity requires the inspiration religion. Humanity as race, will not successfully move forward till we cure the mental illness that is religion. It’s that simple.