Saturday, November 14, 2009

A place to share, air and illuminate

Let me start by saying I was baptized and graduated from a Catholic high school. I studied religion in school and have read both new and old testaments. I am familiar with dogma, tradition and rituals. By trade, I use logic and reason to solve problems. I have studied science, physics, and mathematics. The application of what mankind has learned over the past two hundred years, using an open mind, reason and critical thinking, leads to one inescapable conclusion: There are no gods, demons, magic or mysticism. There is only the real world.

This blog is a form to share and open the closed minds of zealots, or if nothing else, allow a relieve valve to rant on those things I see as the harbinger of ignorance.

I welcome anyone, any comments, any arguments, anything…. I shall remain open, but so must you. I challenge you … Can you prove god to me?

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