Tuesday, December 13, 2011

No Missing Link

I was at work the other day when a theist came to my office. A rather casual conversation turned up the theist’s temperature when he made the statement that evolution was a lie, and there was no “proof” of evolution. He continued and stated that no missing link had ever been found and thus evolution was a farce. I asked him where he got his information. He told me his pastor had told him so. I told him his pastor was misinformed and that evolution has long been understood as fact. I told him there is no 1 “missing link”. We have already put together the entire lineage. This lineage matches forward and backward from agrees with geology, archeology, and biology.

He understood none of this, and continued to spout, "there is no missing link. So, I showed him the following picture and asked “Which one of these skulls is not the missing link?”.

The theist stormed out of my office unable to answer.

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